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Stainless Steel Focus 06/2017

Expanite now ISO9001:2015 certified

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Stainless Steel Focus / 11-2016

Expanite surface hardening process ideal for stainless steel pumps

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Plus Proces / 11-2016

Article about how Expanite surface hardening strengthens pumps.

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Industrial Heating / Sep-2016

Expanite has developed an advanced gaseous process for low-temperature surface hardening of stainless steel.

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MaskinAktuelt / 6-2016

Unprecedented Galling resistance of 316L after Expanite surface hardening.

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Focus Rostfrei / 21-2016

Expanite Surface Hardening process  - Perfect for stainless steel pumps

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MO / 9-2016

Increase of galling resistence after Expanite surface treatment on stainless steel.

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Delta P / 5-2016

Surface hardening Process for Stainless Steel reducing corrosion on fx. Pumps.

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