Lead time

down to 3 working days

With Expanite´s solution, you can expect your parts to be returned within days, which is previously unseen within surface hardening on stainless steel.

We harden the stainless steel parts and return it with extremely short lead times, in principle day-to-day. This way, we not only solve a technical problem but also the logistics, as this allow our customers not to have to have large series treated, which substantially reduces their costs in financial, logistics and warehousing.

  • The Expanite processes are running day-to-day.
  • 2-3 working days lead time is offered
  • Standard lead time 6-9 working days

Shortest Lead Times

Delivery Performance

- We deliver at our promis

Delivery down to 3 working days

At Expanite the standard deliverytime is 6-9 working days.

We are well aware of the importance to customers of on-time delivery. High delivery performance is therefore crusial for us, and something we continuously monitor and document.

Se the latest report on our Realized delivery time (days) in this PDF document

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