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Expanite surface hardening process for stainless steel pumps

The Expanite surface treatment is a GAME-CHANGER in the industry. Parts can be treated with extremely short leadtimes – a few days which is previously unseen within surface hardening of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is the material of choice if corrosion properties are of importance – so for the food & beverage industry. In many cases, however, the surface of stainless steels is prone to excessive wear. This is a big issue especially in pumps that are used in food handling where abrasive and corrosive media are handled.  Expanite just achieved a major break-through in the pump industry with German, US and Japanese customers by increasing the surface hardness of both, screw and PD pump parts that are used in food industry

With Expanite, it’s possible to increase the surface hardness of stainless steels by up to 10 times, while maintaining or even enhancing corrosion resistance. This method is considered unique since it’s suitable for austenitic-, ferritic-, martensitic and duplex stainless steels. The Expanite process improve resistance against surface wear such as galling, cavitation erosion and abrasive wear. 

With the Expanite treatment we reduce substantially the risk of corrosion of the materials and improve the cleanability. Also the mechanical and wear properties are remarkable Increased without adversely affecting corrosion resistance a huge benefits for many industries due to decrease downtime and thereby achieve cost savings.

After Expanite treatment surface is suitable for direct food contact - FDA conform process.

Benefits include:

  • Increased surface hardness to 1000-1500 HV0.05 (depending on base material and surface conditions)
  • Non-galling and wear resistant demands of industrial fluid handling pumps
  • No risk of delamination and spalling
  • Lead-time down to 3working days
  • Reliable and repeatable solution - materials remain unchanged after treatment

Surface hardening.

The technology of Expanite can increase the value of the products of many industries significantly - from knives, valves via mixers and grinders for the food industry, to pump, extruder screw and injection parts for the automotive sector, as well as screws, bolts and washers in the different industries apply. There are 3 different basic processes, which each can be optimized according to customers' requirements in terms of abrasion, wear, corrosion and scratch resistance. This means that Expanite develop and customize solutions for many different companies and industries.

About Expanite

Expanite was founded in 2010 by three scientists from The Technical University of Denmark. Expanite, based in Hilleröd, Denmark, has a treatment facility located in Twinsburg, Ohio and this summer Expanite will open treatment center in Frickenhausen, Germany. For further please contact Dr. Holger Selg Sales Manager at Expanite, +49 176 23493574, or check our website www.expanite.com.

Hillerødposten: Stålvirksomhed udvider i Hillerød (16.12.13)

Iværksættervirksomhed har opført center på 600 kvadratmeter i Hillerød og har skrevet millionkontrakter med udenlandske virksomheder.

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Plast Panorama: Hærdning af rustfrit stål (11/2013)

Expanite A/S, der for nylig er flyttet til nye lokaler i Hillerød, fortalte på et IDA-møde i november om, hvordan man kan hærde rustfrit stål, uden at de rustfri egenskaber bliver ødelagt. 

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Børsen: Tryk på maskinerne hos startup (13.10.13)

Efter et langt tilløb er iværksættervirksomhedenExpanite, der arbejder med overfladebehandling af rustfrit stål, begyndt at vinde markedsandele og erobrekunder i milliardklassen – blandt andet US Navy.

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Focus Rustfrei: Expanite-gasverfahren zum Härten von Edelstahl-oberflächen (7.10.13)

Neues wärmebehandlungs-center - Expanite-gasverfahren zum Härten von Edelstahl-oberflächen. 

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Jern og Maskinindustrien: Danskere løfter rustfrit stål til nye højder (Sep. 13)

Hillerød-virksomheden Expanite har udviklet en metode, der på én og samme tid kan øge rustfrit ståls overfladehårdhed og samtidig styrke korrosionsegenskaberne.

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Ingeniøren: Dansk selskab gør det umulige: hærder rustfrit stål (22.8.13)

Varme- og overfladehærdning af rustfrit stål har tidligere været nærmest umuligt, men nu tilbyder Hillerød-virksomhed lige netop den service baseret på DTU-teknologi.

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Metalsupply: Ny overfladebehandlings-virksomhed ser dagens lys (20.8.13)

Danmarks første center specialiseret i varmebehandling og overfladehærdning af rustfri stål er åbnet. Virksomheden Expanite har etableret sig i Hillerød med 600 kvadratmeters kombineret produktions-, laboratorie- og udviklingsfacilitet.

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Teknovation: Hærdning af rustfrit i Hillerød (19.8.13)

Expanite A/S, der blev grundlagt i 2010 baseret på mere end ti års forudgående grundforskning og udvikling inden for overfladehærdning af rustfrit stål ved Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, DTU, har netop etableret et center for varmebehandling og overfladehærdning af rustfrit stål i Hillerød.

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Roestvast Staal: Lage temperatuur thermochemische oppervlaktebehandeling van roestvast staal; Van wetenschap naar technologie (6/2013)

Onderstaand artikel beschrijft de fundamentele wetenschappelijke aspecten van lage temperatuur thermochemische oppervlaktebehandeling van roestvast staal.

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Dynamo: Stålsatte iværksættere (5/2010)

Nu kan almindelige produkter som barbermaskinerog bestik få overflader af rustfrit stål, som er praktisk taget umulige at ridse. Forskerne bag den nye proces, som gør detmuligt, stifter virksomhed sammen.

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