Interstitial hardening of titanium

- another game-changer

Expanite is, with its brand-new solution for interstitial hardening of titanium, introducing yet another game-changer within surface hardening.

Like with stainless steel, titanium as a material is suffering from its softness leading to poor wear and galling resistance. This is limiting the use of the material and forcing design engineers to make compromises.

However, by applying the ExpaniteHard-Ti process, surface hardness can be increased 8-10 times to approx. 1000HV and thereby a new reality is available.

ExpaniteHard-Ti is a gas-based interstitial hardening process leaving no coating on the surface and thus nothing that can spall off. Titanium nitrides are completely avoided – and thereby also the ‘golden color’. The actual hardening zone can be tailored to have a case depth of 10-50μm and surfaces can be post-polished to mirror finish.

Like with everything else Expanite offers, leads time are extremely short and total life cycle cost is in focus.

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