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By choosing Expanite’s solutions for surface hardening of stainless steel and nickel-based alloys, customers are going the most sustainable way. The pure gas-based processes yield no toxic waste and the lowest carbon footprint in the industry, while allowing for the shortest lead-times.

On titanium, Expanite is pioneering the industry by offering widely applicable diffusion-based solutions for improving wear and corrosion resistance. Whether pure or alloyed grades, whether additive (3D printed) or subtractive manufactured parts, Expanite is applicable.

Besides the proprietary processes for stainless steel and titanium, Expanite is offering specialty heat treatment solutions with the best within hardening, tempering, solution treatment, aging, and annealing for nickel-based alloys such Monel®, Inconel® or Mu-metal, stainless steels, titanium and other specialty materials.In common for all Expanite processes is the knowledge and data-driven approach supported by digitally supported supply chain leading to the best possible service and the ability to offer license-based installations.

We Know Your Industry

Expanite® is a trusted and respected provider of heat treatment technology to many industries. Learn more about this game-changing technology and see how you can benefit from it.
At its core, Expanite® offers different processes, each of which can be optimized according to customer requirements in terms of abrasion, galling, corrosion and scratch
resistance. This means that Expanite® can develop and customize solutions for a wide variety of companies and industries. Choose yours, to learn more.

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Expanite is represented worldwide with production facilities and sales offices.
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