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One Technology Platform – Two Ways to Access!

Expanite is not only about unique technologies for surface hardening of stainless steel and titanium - Expanite also offers unique opportunities to get access to the technology. Two basic options exist, i) the classic approach with your components being shipped to an Expanite Treatment Centre (ETC) nearby, or ii) the more innovative and sustainable approach where your components are treated “on-site” – in your facility or at your closest partner/supplier based on a license agreement with Expanite. We call the latter approach Expanite License Solutions (ELS) and it is only made possible because Expanite has complete control over the IP and know-how behind the processes.

Remember, Expanite is only available from Expanite, it’s patented, and it’s protected to provide our customers with a unique competitive advantage.

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An Expanite Treatment Centre (ETC) Near You – Close to Being Global

Expanite is the only solution for surface hardening of stainless steel that is available in Europe, North America and Asia. With four centers operational and more coming, Expanite is bringing our services close to you - our customers. This means that you can trust Expanite with your business no matter where your components are produced or needed. The fundamentals of Expanite hardening processes are the same no matter the location & region – these fundamentals include the fastest turnaround/lead times in the industry, competitive pricing and the most sustainable solution for increasing wear and galling resistance on stainless steel.

At our ETCs you will find the best we can offer – not only in modern equipment, but also in high-skilled and motivated staff in all key positions including customer service, technical support and production - ready to provide you with the best service possible.

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Expanite License Solutions (ELS) – Move Expanite “On-Site” and Take Sustainability and Carbon Footprint Reductions Seriously!

Imaging completely smoothening a supply chain that includes surface hardening of stainless steel by implementing the hardening technology ”on-site” in line with your manufacturing processes. This vision can become reality with an Expanite License Solution. Once implemented, Expanite’s secured digital backbone conveys the patented recipes from Expanite’s databases to the local furnaces for local execution, which furthermore guarantees full surveillance of process execution.

The concept is straight forward: The equipment (furnaces) are typically ordered and installed by an Expanite partner, the validation of Expanite on customer parts is done at an existing treatment center, and the implementation of processes and training on-site is done by Expanite’s technical staff.

Expanite - Your Global Partner

Expanite is represented worldwide with production facilities and sales offices.
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