Surface Hardening of Titanium

Pioneering Interstitial Surface Hardening of Titanium - Increasing Hardness by 5-7x

Surface hardening of titanium in a commercial scale was almost non-existing before Expanite introduced ExpaniteHard-Ti, an interstitial surface hardening process for pure and alloyed titanium. Titanium is known for its light-weight, high-strength and extreme corrosion resistance. However, due to its softness titanium is notoriously known to suffer of poor wear and galling resistance. This is limiting the use of titanium and forcing design engineers to make compromises. Expanite is changing the game by introducing ExpaniteHard-Ti. Interstitial hardening – also known as solid solution strengthening – means that Expanite isn’t changing the base material, simply just introducing hardening atoms during the heat treatment process. This means no titanium nitrides, no coating, and nothing that can spall off the surface! With ExpaniteHard-Ti the surface hardness can reach approx. 800-1000HV, some 5-7 times higher than untreated material, without affecting the corrosion resistance. The effects of the hardness are remarkable when it comes to wear resistance, documented by an ASTM G133 wear test 


Sustainability Might Be a Choice, But With Expanite It´s a Given! 

Sustainability has since the foundation of the company been close to the hearts of the founders. Not only is the sole purpose of the treatments aiming at extending lifetime of components and systems, the “path” to achieve this life-extending state is more sustainable compared to alternative/competitive products: the ultra-short processing times yielding lowest possible carbon footprint, the lack of chemicals used before & after processing, and the non-toxic-waste processing are all core elements of Expanite’s technology, not a choice!


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Don´t Just Take Our Word for It!

Expanite has customers using ExpaniteHard-Ti within industries such as medical device, oil & gas aerospace , for case stories, test results etc. click below: