Consumer Goods

Surface Hardening in the Consumer Goods Industry

The Expanite® process ensures that your products meet all the requirements of the industry. Especially in consumer goods and household installations galling and wear caused severe problems. Applying the Expanite technology will guarantee you the most ideal surface hardening of your products preventing wear and galling and thereby increasing the life-time of your consumer goods components. We guarantee you the most ideal treatment of your components. We have many years of experience as supplier for the consumer goods industry. We aim at constantly strengthening our know-how and expertise within the industry and we will support you at any time.

Challenges in the Consumer Goods Industry

  • High claim rate affecting brand image
  • Loss of efficiency in supply chain
  • Lower quality products
  • Expensive recalls
  • Extensive wear and corrosion attack


Benefits with Expanite Hardening

  • Guaranteed traceability
  • Reduced risk of expensive recalls
  • Extended lifetime and product quality
  • Increased wear and galling resistance while maintaining or improving corrosion properties


 Stainless steel pump parts

Improved Wear Resistance

For some consumer goods products hardening of the stainless steel surface is essential to reduce the risk of wear and increase the scratch resistance. The Expanite technology is well suited and meanwhile widely used in consumer goods applications.

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The Solutions

Expanite provide sustainable and superior hardening solutions for many consumer goods parts including:

  • Watches
  • Jewellery
  • Household
  • Razors

Key Applications

At Expanite we have superior application knowledge including:

  • Watch cases
  • Pins
  • Bezels
  • Crown
  • Razor blades

 Stainless steel pump parts



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