Pumps & Valves Industry

Surface Hardening in the Pumps & Valves Industry

The Expanite® surface hardening process ensure that your products meet all the demanding requirements of the Pumps & Valves industry where the main problems always have been wear, erosion, cavitation, galling and corrosion. Valves and pumps exposed to harsh environments require enhancement to prolong the lifetime of their parts. Surface hardening plays a significant role in protecting the components from wear driven e.g. by abrasion elements in fluids or cavitation, galling especially on contact areas in movement relative to each other and corrosion when exposed to aggressive media.

Independent of the operation area of pumps & valves - oil & gas, food & beverage, pharma & chemical, power plants or general industry applications e.g. hydrogen storage and transport -, process safety has a top priority, hence placing high demands for the equipment in usage. At Expanite we understand that downtime means lost revenue and take pride in offering the fastest lead time in the industry at an extremely competitive price level.

Challenges in the Pumps & Valves Industry

  • Risk of expensive down time
  • Loss of efficiency in supply chain
  • Lower quality products
  • Short maintenance cycles
  • Extensive wear and corrosion attack


Benefits with Expanite Hardening

  • Keeps your machinery fit for operation
  • FDA compliant
  • Guaranteed tracebility
  • Reduced risk of unplannned maintenance
  • Extended lifetime
  • ISO9001:2015 compliant
  • Increased wear and galling resistance while maintaining or improving corrosion properties


 Stainless steel pump parts

Increasing Lifetime

When it comes to conveying abrasive media surface hardening of the affected pump rotors and housings increases wear resistance and therewith lifetime of the pump in service. For some pump types like twin screw pumps hardening of the stainless steel surface is essential to reduce the risk of galling during start-up phase and while maintaining or even increasing the corrosion resistance the Expanite technology is well suited and meanwhile widely spread e.g. for food & beverage applications.

Surface hardening of stainless steel is also common for various valve components starting from balls with related sealing parts, bushings and guiding rings, control cones, wedges up to shafts, spindles and even complete valve housings. Especially on relatively large valves used in the chemical industry and power plants, galling on shifting shafts made of Inconel and Monel has previously caused severe problems but Expanite is the solution meeting the requirements of the industry.

Applying the Expanite hardening will guarantee you the most ideal heat treatment of your products preventing galling and thereby increasing the lifetime of your components. Discover for yourself how Expanite is serving the pumps and valves industry globally. Contact us. Challenge us. You’ll be very pleased with the solutions offered at Expanite.



The Solutions

Expanite provides sustainable and superior hardening solutions for many pumps and valves parts including:

  • Food processing pumps
  • Displacement pumps
  • Piston and plunger pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Mixing pumps and homgenisers
  • Chemical pumps and valves 
  • Safety and control valves 
  • Ball and butterfly valves 
  • Impellers and diffusors 
  • Slide gate valves
  • Cryogenic and hydrogen valves 
  • Hygnenic pumps and valves
  • Arc and pigging valves
  • Globe and plug valves 
  • Diaphragma valves
  • High temperature valves

Key Applications

At Expanite we have superior application knowledge including:

  • Pump rotors and pistons
  • Pump housings
  • Sealing seats
  • Shafts and spindles
  • Bushings and guiding rings
  • Balls 
  • Plugs
  • Cones
  • Wedges
  • Slide gate plates

 Stainless steel pump parts



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