What You Need to Know - About the Expanite Hardening Processes

Which materials and alloys can be treated/hardened?

Which surface hardness values can be achieved?

Does the high hardness cause brittleness?

Is the corrosion resistance affected?

Which diffusion depths can be achieved?

What are the maximum treatable dimensions and weights?

What are the minimum treatable dimensions and weights?

Is the whole surface area treated?

Is bulkware treatment possible?

Is a selective treatment of certain partial surface areas possible?

What is the delivery time?

Will the color change?

Is it possible to get documentation?

Are you ISO certified?

Does Expanite offer FDA compliant treatments?

Do you treat other materials than stainless steel and titanium?

Can you handle uncleaned items?

What’s the price for a test?

What´s the price for running production?

How do I select the most appropriate treatment for my application?

What are the unique benefits of Expanite?

Does anyone else offer an equivalent to the Expanite processes?

Do I need to pre-clean my parts prior to sending them to Expanite for surface treatment?

What is the climate impact of the Expanite process?

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