Galling Test Titanium Grade 5

Outstanding Result After Hardening With the ExpaniteHard-ti techology.

ExpaniteHard-Ti is a solid solution diffusion-based hardening process. No titanium nitrides are formed i.e. no coating is present and no ‘golden colour!

Titanium grade 5 and other alloyed titanium grades can be hardened by ExpaniteHard-Ti. Surface hardness is governed by compressive stresses and typically, a surface hardness of 1000HV+/-100HV is reached. Case depths are typically in the range of 10 to 40μm.

Benefits & characteristics after ExpaniteHard-Ti:

  • The ExpaniteHard-ti technology increases the surface hardness 5 times leading to extraordinary wear resistance on titanium parts
  • No affect on corrosion resistance
  • No coating, no titanium nitrides, no spalling risk and no ‘golden colour’
  • Possible to post-polish to mirror finish


Discover in this video why ExpaniteHard-Ti is the solution when you need to have your titanium parts hardened.

Download Test Result

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