Expanite® Surface Hardening Process

Replacing Tungsten Carbide Coating

Expanite is widely replacing coatings in a variety of demanding applications.

For more than 70 years, coatings, in their various forms, have been “the standard” to improve resistance towards wear, impact and corrosion for stainless steel components in a great variety of industries, including food & beverage processing, oil & gas, aerospace, transportation, industrial and consumer products.

However, in recent years several performance limitations associated with coatings have driven the engineering community to seek better coating materials, as well as more cost-effective methods to apply them.

Among the most promising alternatives is the patented Expanite hardening technology. Recently, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision nozzles and nozzle systems has converted from tungsten carbide coatings to Expanite surface hardening after experiencing quality issues with the coating cracking off. In cooperation with Expanite, they found a hardening solution that made the surface of the nozzles resistant against chipping, cracking, delamination, etc.

The specific customer performed field tests over a period of several months where the results from Expanite-hardened nozzles showed significant increased lifetime without any premature failure. Based on the test results, the conversion to Expanite hardening was implemented. Expanite’s customer made the following statements:

  • It is far less expensive to apply Expanite hardening compared than many of the exotic coatings – hence the conversion resulted in better performance while reducing cost
  • By the conversion from a coating to a diffusion hardening process, issues with adhesion where eliminated, again while getting superior wear and corrosion resistance
  • Expanite hardening includes short and flexible lead-times, and is an environmentally friendly surface hardening solution 


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